Gelvishome….Where art is at home

Gelvishome is the Gelvis’ house, Neapolitan artist who has lived in Florence for years, but frequently sets sail to her Sardinia, land of adoption, place of her soul, inspiration and energy.

A home-studio entirely furnished by the artist, a warm and friendly environment where every object fully expresses its meaning and not accidentally finds its right place.

Skillfully decorated soft-brushed spaces, with warm colors that evoke thoughts and emotions recurring in Gelvis’ creations. Starting from the dark brown of the earth mother, which, from the bottom of the walls, expands in soft lines, somehow taking the woman-mother, woman-siren, loving-woman shapes. This is a woman who always generates life through love. A woman with feet firmly planted on the ground, but always balancing on high heel shoes, beating her rhythmic step from afar. A woman who blows off fire red hearts from her lips, laying her eyes on points of light, it doesn’t matter if they are hanging blood-red wired bulbs or open windows on the white light of the Florentine rooftop skyline.

A sensual woman who gets enveloped in the man’s love hug, the undisputed star of the head beds, a symbol of carnal love, passion; both forms creating vibrant life too, new blood flowing … A woman who takes off the heels to turn herself into a languid long sinuous tailed siren, a woman-dreamer, who knows how to surrender to the dreamlike and creative dimension as well. Gelvis’ art expresses women’s countless faces, woman conceived as being always the bearer of love and creator of life that flows like blood, lifeblood, symbolized by the red threads that end up as warm lighting.

The furnishing is made of illustrated cushions, coated gelvis-fabric chairs, with refined accessories found in vintage markets and restyled by Gelvis, with colors chosen to make different each setting. The inside view lingers on the foliage of red curls peeking out from time to time on a wall, a cloth, a tent. This is the artist’s distinctive brand …. all that makes Gelvis’ home unique, an art space to immerse yourself in the painter’s philosophy. Woman is always the center of her creative world, love, life that constantly regenerates itself.