Gelvishome is located in the heart of Sant’Ambrogio, the historic district of Florence, alive and vital, guardian of the most authentic and amazing views of the city: craftsmen, shops, markets, tiny old houses, the red-tiled roofs, city within the city, where old and new inhabitants live, where pure Florentines mix themselves with multiculturalism. Gelvishome is a few meters from the historic flea market in Piazza dei Ciompi, where in the evening all nationalities people gather and during the day children have fun with scampering bikes and playing chase.

The neighbourhood is located in the LTZ of the city, but you can leave the car in the Municipal Covered parking for several days. It is located at a short walking distance.

The Santa Maria Novella station is about 20 minutes walking, while the main monuments (Duomo, Uffizi Gallery, Ponte Vecchio etc ..) are very close.

The Gelvishome is located in a lively little street, a few steps from local Sant’Ambrogio’s market. In the area there are lots of clubs and shops, open in the evening also: pizzerias, pubs, restaurants including the famous “Cibreo“. Nearby there are Taxi-parking, post offices, banks, pharmacies and several supermarkets.